Course: Conflict, Rule of Law and Local Security (The Hague Academy for Local Governance)

When: 11 October 2021 – 22 October 2021

Where: The Hague

Apply by: 3 September 2021


Conflict and its myriad forms affect all, especially at the local level. This course will equip you with academic insights and practical approaches for preventing and managing conflict, promoting the rule of law and increasing security from a local perspective. Through conflict and stakeholder mapping exercises, root causes and drivers of conflict.


  • understand the root causes and dynamics of conflict;
  • increase knowledge of the different approaches and tools for conflict mapping and conduct a conflict analysis;
  • gain more insight into the roles of different governmental, security and judicial institutions in conflict transformation and restoring security;
  • reflect critically on the general notions of Rule of Law, its dilemmas and its implementation at the local level;
  • understand the need for comprehensive security programming and community-driven approaches to reintegration, prevention of violent extremism, local economic development and social cohesion;
  • apply the lessons learnt to your own context

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