Course: Gender Responsive Governance (The Hague Academy for Local Governance)

When: 15 November 2021 - 26 November 2021

Where: The Hague

Apply by: 8 October 2021


How can policies and programmes be inclusive and more specifically, gender-sensitive? How do values of inclusiveness and gender equality result in better performance and greater benefits for your organization or community? This course discusses gender-sensitive strategies as well as tools for gender analysis, mainstreaming gender and gender-responsive budgeting in policies and programmes at the local level.

Key concepts of this course will include gender analysis, gender mainstreaming, gender budgeting, equitable service delivery, social-economic empowerment, meaningful participation, transformative change, effective communication, working with gender in complex settings, gender in conflict and peace and Gender-Based Violence.


  • Increase your knowledge about gender concepts and relate to the latest insights in gender-responsive governance, including fragile contexts;
  • Adopt tools for conducting gender analysis, gender mainstreaming and budgeting in development initiatives;
  • Design strategies for equitable service delivery and socio-economic empowerment of marginalized groups;
  • Compare different approaches for meaningful participation of marginalized groups in development initiatives;
  • Improve your personal skills in effective communication and action planning for a meaningful change in your organisation/programme activities.

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