Course: Religion & Conflict Transformation

When: 22 March 2021 - 30 March 2021

Where: Online

Apply by: 31 January 2021


Examples such as Northern Ireland, Indonesia, Iraq, Mali, Syria and Myanmar show that religion plays an important role in many violent conflicts around the world today. This course provides participants with practical knowledge about methods and tools of conflict transformation focusing on conflicts with a religious dimension as well as on the roles of different actors in these contexts. The course work will be interactive and focused on Myanmar, Nigeria and a case from the US which will be looked at in-depth.

Course Structure

This course is offered in an interactive virtual format. The course consists of preparatory readings, 6 half-days of virtually facilitated course (22-25 & 29/30 March 2021, afternoons CET), and individual tasks in between course days.

Leading international scholars as well as experienced practitioners (to be defined) from government, civil society and the private sector facilitate this course.


Course Lead


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