To explore how local governance can be more effective in addressing the root causes of conflict and achieving resilient and lasting peace, The Hague Academy will organize a week-long course on the sustainability of peace and local governance. The training will be conducted in French.

Participants will be challenged on the following questions:

  • How can local governance promote the conditions for lasting peace?
  • What lessons can be learned from the approaches of local governance actors to maintain peace in different fragile contexts?
  • How can development partners improve the effectiveness of their support for local governance in fragile contexts?
  •  In what ways can decentralization contribute to peacekeeping and what is the specific role of local governments in this process?

The training will provide information on the link between local governance and the sustainability of peace. Participants will compare and discuss the effectiveness of the different approaches used by development partners to support local governance in fragile and conflict-affected countries, as well as how to make them more effective. Examples of lessons learned will include cases from the Middle East, North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.

The Hague Academy looks forward to welcoming you in October. However, if this is not yet possible due to COVID-19 measures, registered participants will receive alternative online training options. They can also ask for reimbursement or for a voucher for next year’s course in The Hague. The Hague Academy will inform all participants one month before the start of the training.

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