Decentralisation and Local Development in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) - Webinar Series with LPSA, UNDP & DeLoG

Effective decentralisation and localisation form an important precondition for resilient, inclusive, sustainable, equitable and efficient development. Have decentralisation processes taken place in the countries in the MENA region since the Arab Spring in 2011? Did they increase accountability of local and regional governments? This webinar series will foster the discussion around the trends regarding decentralisation and local development in the MENA region.

As part of the global webinar series on Decentralisation and Local Development around the World, the Local Public Sector Alliance invites to participate in the ''Decentralization and Local Development in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) – Knowledge Sharing Week''. The webinars will be co-organised with the World Bank Subnational Governance and Decentralization Global Solutions Group, UNDP, UNCDF, and a number of other global partners. DeLoG will co-host two sessions in the Knowledge Sharing Week.  

The Knowledge Sharing Week will offer insights into: 

  • Regional overview(s) of decentralisation and localisation reforms in the Middle East & North Africa. A panel discussion by experts from the World Bank, UNDP, and other regional experts on trends on decentralisation and localisation in the MENA region. 

  • Decentralisation and localisation: Country Experiences. Presentations and discussions of country reform experiences from the MENA region. 

  • From research to practice: Knowledge sharing events will provide an opportunity for scholars and practitioners to have an exchange on policy-relevant research on decentralisation and local development in the Middle East & North Africa. 

Programme sessions include: 

  • A comparative analysis of decentralization of subnational governance in MENA (Monday, March 7, 2022) – Register Now! 

  • Decentralization and inclusive local governance in MENA: reforms and progress (Tuesday, March 8, 2022) – Register Now! 

  • Local Governance, Conflict, and Peacebuilding in the MENA region (Wednesday, March 9, 2022) – Register Now! 

  • Urban Governance, Social Inclusion and Fragility in the MENA region (Thursday, March 10, 2022) – Register Now! 

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