Course: Fiscal Decentralisation and Local Finance (The Hague Academy for Local Governance)

When: 7 February 2022 - 18 February 2022

Where: The Hague

Apply by: 10 January 2022


The organisation of public finances and allocation of resources is fundamental to establish how local governments deliver services and build resilient and inclusive development at local level. Fiscal decentralisation allows cities and villages to decide how and where to invest resources. This course will address local authorities’ revenues and expenditures strategies, aiming at improving their budgeting processes and their service delivery responsibility towards citizens.


This course will help you:

  • Evaluate and monitor fiscal decentralisation practices in your country;
  • Increase your insight into financial management and fiscal accountability at the local level;
  • Optimise the different sources of revenue, e.g. taxes, user fees, and intergovernmental transfers;
  • Design inclusive and participatory budgets;
  • Assess the impact of emergencies such as pandemics on intergovernmental fiscal relations;
  • Plan local emergency-response budgets;

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