The Role of Local and Regional Governments in the Future of Global Governance

The current pandemic changed the international system in only a few months. The report shares the joint vision of a future until 2045. Emphasising the crucial role of local and regional governments (LRGs) as the closest entities to address communities' demands worldwide. It highlights their contributions, initiatives and the need to give them a voice at the global table.


The COVID-19 crisis disproportionally affects some of the already poorest and most vulnerable people in the world. This group is especially exposed to the effects of the pandemic because most of the 1 billion people counted as the urban poor live in informal settlements and are employed informal. Many of the habitants of those settlements face a greater risk of being infected by the virus because of pre-existing conditions like respiratory diseases, malnutrition and a lack of access to hygiene facilities. But not only is the risk of being infected heightened also economic shortcomings, social problems and the lack of access to health services accelerate the crisis for the urban poor.

These major challenges leave us with the question how can we ensure that nobody is left behind especially in times of the COVID-19 pandemic? The key to the current crisis and future shocks is to build up urban resilience that enables cities to adapt flexible to changing conditions and withstand shocks. Key for building urban resilience is a people-centered approach, that involves inclusion of communities’ local organizations and their local knowledge, as well as having a sustainable plan for responses that enables local civic engagement.

Advocating for transformation from the Bottom-Up, the UN75 Visioning Report highlights the critical role of Local and Regional Governments (LRG) for ensuring a sustainable future for all. The report discusses LRGs immediate, short- and long-term priorities in terms of securing basic services for all and reducing inequality. Identifying LRGs as key actors in implementing the 2030 Agenda, the report demands that LRGs receive a seat at the UN-table and are included in multi-lateral cooperation efforts.

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