UN World Data Forum: “Making Voices Heard and Count“ – Leave No One Behind Partnership to Support Community-driven Data for the SDGs

By using different communication tools on local action as well as providing community representatives with a voice to share their thoughts, insights and stories, this project is dedicated to raising awareness for LNOB through data sharing. Learn more about the project here!

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The Leave No One Behind Partnership Project was founded to raise awareness for missing data regarding the needs of marginalised groups in official monitoring statistics. The project’s goal is to give marginalised groups a voice and agency, especially the new generation, in the SDG implementation process by using community-driven data to improve the inclusivity of public services and policies. The project’s homepage showcases how the initiative combines locally owned data with a concerted advocacy effort and creates a resource to be used when addressing key stakeholders of the SDG process at the national and international levels.

Learn more about the project here.