Join OGP Local: Call for Expressions of Interest

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is currently expanding its local programme by 50 new members. Local governments interested in becoming part of the initiative are invited to indicate their interest by 17 July, 2020.


Although it remains to be seen what medium- to long-term effects COVID-19 will have on societies as a whole, it has become clear that the local level will have a key role to play for the implementation of recovery measures.

In recognition of the important role of effective and responsive local governments for not only service delivery and inclusive public desion-making, but emergency planning, the Open Government Partnership (OGP) has decided to expand its local programme (OGP Local) to include up to 50 new local governments. Parties interested in becoming a member of OGP's new programme are invited to indicate their interest by submitting this form by 17 July 2020.

The expression of interest has to be filled out jointly by government and non-governmental stakeholders. To learn more about the application process, please click here or register for one of OGP's informational calls on June 16th and 17th 2020 to ask questions about the OGP Local Programme:

  • English: June 16th, 2020 – 7:00 CST/8:00 EST/12:00 GMT. Register here.

  • Spanish: June 17th, 2020 – 12:00 CST/13:00 EST/17:00 GMT. Register here.

  • English: June 17th, 2020 –  23:00 EST. Register here.

Newly selected members for the OGP Local Programme will be invited to partake in an orientation and planning programme as well as asked to develop and implement an OGP Action Plan based on a multi-stakeholder co-creation process. In addition, they will have to monitor and report their progress and participate in peer exchange activities.

To learn more about the benefits of being an OGP member, please click here.