Cities and Climate Action: A Race-to-Zero Email Boot Camp

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability and Apolitical are offering a free online boot camp exclusively for public servants and policymakers on climate action for cities. Register by 5 October.

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In consideration of COVID-19 the Daring Cities Conference of 2020 will be hosted as a virtual event, including a mix of online high level and visionary speaking sessions, a series of informative workshops and personal networking opportunities. Over a timespan of three weeks, the conference will provide urban leaders with the opportunity to jointly discuss and tackle the challenges of climate change. 

To coincide with Daring Cities 2020, ICLEI and Apolitical have organized an interactive three-week email boot camp for public servants to join the conversation around climate change and learn from the discussions taking place at Daring Cities.

Throughout the course different topics related to the climate emergency and opportunities for local action will be adressed:

  • Week 1: An introduction to climate neutrality and cities
  • Week 2: How the circular economy can accelerate the race to zero
  • Week 3: The role of transport in a zero carbon future
  • Week 4: Tips to boost local climate finance
  • Week 5: Outcomes from the climate neutrality conversation at Daring Cities

Participants will receive five emails delivered weekly that explore the climate neutrality conversations happening at Daring Cities and beyond as well as access to articles, case studies, interactive tools and invitations to live events to dig deeper into each week’s theme.

The boot camp is open to anyone working in or with local governments on planning, finance and climate change and sustainability policies.

Sign up here.