City of Poltava in Search of EU City Partner to Apply for EU Call for the Partnership for Sustainable Cities

The city of Poltava is located in the centre of Ukraine, 341,4 km away from its capital - the City of Kyiv. Currently, Poltava is looking for a partner city from the EU in order to submit a proposal for the call "Partnership for Sustainable Cities 2020" by 14. April 2020. If accepted, Poltava wants to implement its sutainable mobility plan.


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In February 2020, EuropeAid announced its second Call for Proposals for the Partnership for Sustainable Cities. The programme provides funds to EU cities that jointly implement projects that strengthen urban governance. In addition, the developed projects must either

  1. ensure social inclusiveness in cities or
  2. improve the resilience and greening of cities or
  3. contribute to their prosperity and innovation.

The goal of the programme is to strengthen the relationship of local authorities and promote city partnerships.

The city of Poltava in Ukraine is currently looking for a city from the EU (population of up to 150,000 citizens) to partner up with in order to apply for the programme and implement their sustainable mobility plan (details below). The project funds of up to 1 million Euros would be used to pay for study trips and technical assistance (mentors) as well as other project related costs linked to the implementation of the mobility plan.

The partner city would be expected to

  1. share experiences from their own city,
  2. provide support regarding the organisation of study trips for participants from Poltava and
  3. share expertise in form of mentor support (if possible) or via consultations.

All costs would be covered by the funds from the EU project.

Should you be interested in partnering up with the city of Poltava, please contact Iryna Bryzhan at

The deadline to apply for the EU Call is the 14th of April 2020 at 04:00 pm Brussels time.

For more details on Poltava's concept for its sutainable mobility plan, please click here.