Coronavirus: Local Leaders in a Global Crisis

COVID-19 has impacted communities worldwide. By asking European mayors and other local leaders across Europe the same questions, POLITICO offers a snapshot of the local and regional differences reflected in their answers.


Nobody anticipated the extent to which people’s lives would be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic when everything started. Decision-makers had to design solutions from scratch while budgets were slowly drying up, impacted by the slowdown of economic activities and increasing costs for social and health services that had long been neglected.

To get a sense of how the crisis has affected places and local communities beyond national capitals, POLITICO has spoken to 28 mayors and local leaders from across Europe. Their reflections underline the desire to set a new direction for Europe’s social and economic future that puts the stability and resilience of local communities at the heart of policy-making.

Discover each mayor's reflection and learn more about their communities here.