Coronavirus Speaker Series: Sharing Knowledge to Respond with Resilience

How are cities coping with COVID-19? Learn all about it via the Coronavirus Speaker Series offered by the Global Resilient Cities Network in cooperation with the World Bank.

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Organised jointly by the Global Resilient Cities Network and the World Bank, the Coronavirus Speaker Series is dedicated toward sharing knowledge and best-corona-response-practices among cities in order to enhance the impact of cities’ crisis response and recovery measures. By addressing a number of diverse topics such as data-driven corona responses or the impact of the virus on life in informal settlements, as well as sharing experiences from all over the world with practitioners from different academic and professional backgrounds, this webinar series fundamentally supports cities in responding to the crisis in a multi-faceted and sustainable way, thus making sure that no one is left behind.

The recordings and presentations for the past 16 webinars have been made available online and include inputs on:

1. Best Practices and Lessons from China’s Coronavirus Response
2. Government Responses and Continuity
3. Leveraging Technology to respond to the Coronavirus & Build Urban Resilience
4. Rapid Response and Adaptation in Times of Crisis
5. Holistic Resilience in Action
6. Urban Informality
7. Learning from Singapore
8. Equitable Response and Resilience in Recovery
9. Resilient Recovery Planning
10. Migrant and Refugee Sensitive COVID-19 Response and Recovery
11. Towards the Pandemic-Resilient City
12. Unlocking Bogota
13. Waste Management in Crisis and Recovery
14. Compounding Vulnerabilities: Urban Heat and COVID-19
15. Resilient Food Systems
16. Digital and Green Recovery

New webinars are offered on a weekly basis.

To gain access to the existing recordings and presentations, please click here.