COVID-19 Resources for Local and Regional Governments

To support local and regional governments in their efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, networks like ICLEI or the CIB Working Group are compiling resources on how to deal with the global health crisis.

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The COVID-19 pandemic poses an urgent challenge to public health in cities and communities across the world. As a result, the outbreak is increasingly affecting the work of local governments.

The ICLEI network as well as the UCLG CIB Working Group are committed to supporting their members with information and resources to help keep citizens safe.

Therefore, ICLEI is collecting useful and inspiring resources on its website to share with its network and other interested parties. Besides, providing insights on how the ICLEI network itself is responding to the health crises, additional resources focussed on communication, working remotely, lessons learned and managing the crises from a local government perspective are featured. Their page will be updated with additional information as soon as it becomes available.

The CIB Working Group in turn has put together a Google Drive to collect relevant resources for project managers working at local governments and their associations, faced with having to make adaptations to their (international) programmes aimed at municipal international cooperation and association capacity building. The Google Drive is accessible through this link. The drive is divided into different categories and sub-categories, such as action plans/measures, gender & COVID-19, templates for coronavirus related activities, and useful online resources.

If you would like to add information to the Google Drive, feel free to contact the CIB Working Group at