DeLoG Members NALAS & UCLG Showcase Learning Experiences with Inter-Connected Systems at the Effective Institutions Platform Learning Event

Broad-based participation and vibrant discussion during EIP’s second learning event on learning through interconnected systems show the need of organisational learning especially across networks.

© NALAS / EIP Learning Event #2

The Effective Institutions Platform (EIP) is an alliance of over 60 countries and organisations that support country-led and evidence-based policy dialogue, knowledge sharing and peer learning on public sector management and institutional reform.

The EIP learning event series ‘’Learning through Inter-Connected Systems’’ will address some of the most pressing issues facing peer-to-peer (P2P) learning as an approach to institutional reform, including how to connect systems beyond individuals and ways to trigger organisational learning especially across networks. The insights from the learning series will inform EIP’s ongoing work to develop tools and approaches with a view to improve monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) in P2P initiatives.

The DeLoG Secretariat connected and facilitated the exchange between EIP and the Network of Associations of Local Authorities of South-East Europe (NALAS), one of our Members with high-level expertise and experience in P2P learning.

The event was commenced through a practical account of the collaboration between NALAS and the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Albania on the local government finance legislation in Albania. They showcased how a networked P2P exchange can lead to improved institutional laws and policies and facilitate institutional reform. The formal and informal methods and good practices used to build an interconnected system of learning were at the center of their approach. This illustrated how an interconnected system of P2P learning and knowledge sharing enabled the passage of a law on local self-government finance.

The session was followed by UCLG’s city-to-city cooperation between Brazil and Mozambique. Methods and approaches used by two local government associations (FNP and ANAMM) to enable learning and development of municipal management capacities were presented as well as reflections on what has enabled these systems and networks to remain connected after completion of the project.

The recording of the learning event will be shared here.