DeLoG Secretariat Set Up an MS Teams Channel to Facilitate Member's Exchange on the Topic Ukraine

The DeLoG Secretariat invites all Member and Partner Organisations to join the newly opened MS Teams Channel to internally connect, exchange on aid initiatives, and share events in light of the current developments in Ukraine.

As a response to the wish of DeLoG Partner Organisations to create a space to share and inform on initiatives, news, events and aid efforts around the consequences of the war in Ukraine, the DeLoG Secretariat opened an MS Teams Channel with the sole purpose to exchange on the topic “Ukraine”.   

During the last few weeks, the Secretariat observed within the Network the need to exchange among Partners on the dreadful events happening in the Ukraine. Several initiatives have been sprouting spontaneously. The new Teams Channel is meant to collect these and share them with our active DeLoG Member and Partner Organisations. 

All DeLoG Member and Partner Organisations are welcome to contact the Secretariat in order to be added to the MS Teams Channel.