Giving the Localisation of the 2030 Agenda the Stage it Deserves

Identifying the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the blueprint to address the difficult challenges ahead, the SDG Global Festival of Action highlights efforts on the local level for the world to see.

© United Nations Photo via Creative Commons

Commencing its fifth edition on March 25th , the SDG Global Festival of Action, powered by the UN SDG Action Campaign, will not only take place virtually but also include its first regional spin-off edition. Giving special attention to the local SDG efforts made by diverse experts and stakeholders, the Global Festival of Action from Japan, underscores the crucial role of a localised 2030 Agenda for tackling the most urgent challenges worldwide.

Dubbing 2021 as a “turning point for people and the planet”, the SDG Global Festival of Action recognises the immense constraints the COVID-19 pandemic as put on the SDG implementation processes across the globe. The resulting four main action fields of this year’s festival are climate action, gender, inclusive systems and sustainable finance as well as poverty and inequality. As each field benefits greatly from local and regional action, accessing panels and workshops tailored to sharing approaches and practices is more important than ever. The following three sessions not only address the important role local governments and cities play in the implementation process but are also conducted by Members and Partners of the DeLoG Secretariat. Offering a co-creation workshop and two knowledge sharing panels, UCLG, UNDP and UN-Habitat, will share their tools, ideas and best practices with the Festival’s participants.

Focussing on the impact local transformative action can have on global policies, the co-creation workshop “Local4Action Hubs: The Power of Local Transformation through the SDGs”, hosted by UCLG, facilitates an open dialogue on the initiative and how it can be used to exchange and explore on the importance of local activities to realise the global agendas.  The knowledge sharing panel on “Localizing the SDGs: Bring about Change through Local Actions!”, jointly offered by UNDP and UN-Habitat, aims to illustrate the unique local context the SDG implementation has to be embedded into and how a corresponding “bottom-up” approach led by local governments and communities is needed.

Last but not least a deep dive discussion, hosted by UNDP and UCLG, on “Reimagining our Common Future: The Turning Point Starts Locally” shines a light on the vital role local governments and cities have played in the response to the current health crisis and why their voices and innovations have to recognised and supported to ensure fair and sustainable development when building forward better.

Stretched over two full days, the festival features many more amazing and inspirational organisations and speakers, uniting them on diverse stages and in innovative formats to #Turnitaround together! To learn more about the sessions, speakers and to be part of this unique experience, follow this link and join now!