GIZ Developed Software for District Revenue Management Ranked as Ghana’s Top Digitisation Intervention

Conducted in January 2020, the cost-benefit analysis of GIZ's web-based application "dLRev" has demonstrated that the programme has significantly contributed to the successful implementation of Ghana’s fiscal decentralisation framework. Learn more about the software here!

© Elio Stamm

Developed through a series of GIZ support projects over the past decade, GIZ’s District Local Revenue (dLRev) software has enabled district assemblies in Ghana to collect their own revenue through e.g. property rates or business operating permits. The software represents a breakthrough in Ghana’s strive towards a more digitised public administration. A recent cost-benefit assessment of the dLRev carried out by renowned experts of the Copenhagen Consensus Centre as part of the Government of Ghana’s ‘Ghana Priorities Project’ has shown that every Ghana cedi invested in the implementation of the dLRev leverages 8.8 Ghana cedis in return. dLRev is currently being implemented in 90 partner districts in Ghana in the framework of GIZ’s Governance for Inclusive Development Programme (GovID).

Find out more about the software here.