How Cities Around the World are Lifting Coronavirus Restrictions

After months of uncertainty on how the COVID-19 pandemic will evolve, many cities around the world have finally started to lift coronavirus restrictions - but doing so is a tricky balancing act. Learn more about their measures here.

© Pixabay / Free-Photos

Since the beginning of the year the COVID-19 pandemic has kept the world on its toes. Restaurants, cafes and shopping malls, usually animated, noisy and bustling, were forced to close and were left abandoned. Businesses, companies and firms were required to either reduce their work force, introduce short-time work or send their employees to work from home. In some country’s citizens were even mandated to stay home altogether. All in the name of reducing the risk of contagion.

For weeks now people have been asking themselves how the situation will evolve and have been looking to their national, regional and local governments to provide the answers. In her article for the Thomson Reuters Foundation the journalist Emma Batha looks into how cities globally are slowly starting to lift their coronavirus restrictions and what measures are being implemented to return to a new normal. Her analysis of cities from 15 different countries around the world provides a sound basis for comparison and a source of inspiration on how to tackle the pandemic long-term.

To learn more, read her regularly updated article on the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s website here.