Webinar: Local Governments in Ukraine - Constraints and Opportunities for Peace and Democracy

When: 24 March 2022

Where: Online

Apply by: Registration open

In this webinar, the Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD) invites a knowledgeable panel to discuss the key role of local governments in peacebuilding processes in terms of capacity, ownership, and democracy. In light of the current situation in Ukraine, a better understanding of the role of local governments and local democracy for peacebuilding and a broader understanding on how they experience and cope with the war is essential. 

ICLD has supported local democracy in Ukraine through municipal partnerships, training and research.

In this webinar, scholars and local government officials in Ukraine provide insights on: 

  • How are local governments affected by the current situation? 
  • How are local governments adapting to meet the needs of their citizens? 
  • What are the barriers and opportunities that they experience for peacebuilding from below? 

The event is jointly organised by the Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD), the Local Government Information Unit (LGIU), and Malm√∂ Association of Foreign Affairs.

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