New International Training Programmes Focussed on Local Governance Open for Registration

ICLD has issued a call for applications to its new international training programmes addressing "Public Financial Management and Local Economic Development", "Women's Political Leadership" and "Leadership in Local Governance". Apply by the 24th of August, 2020.


The ICLD’s Advanced International Training Programme offers local political leaders, grassroots organisations and public officials from all over the world the opportunity to tackle the most pressing questions and challenges their respective local governments face. Experts, mentors and colleagues from ICLD and other local governments will help and support the participants in three different tracks to become better local change agents and advocates for ICLD’s vision of local democracy through sharing knowledge and experience on decentralisation and local governance.

To upgrade their toolbox for financing local development for instance, the programme offers a track on "Public Financial Management and Local Economic Development". The empowerment of women to improving the leadership skills of women in local governance and providing them with access to a network of women working in similar positions is addressed by the track on “Women’s Political Leadership”. The very current and pressing question of how municipalities can become more equitable and inclusive is addressed by the “Leadership in Local Governance’’ track.  

Being part of this programme will help local change agents to champion the cause of effective change in their urban and regional governments as well as benefit their communities by sharing experience and knowledge and creating more effective and democratic institutions. 

To find more information or to register for the programme (application deadline: 24th August 2020), please click here