New Website on Integrated Solutions for Sustainable Development by UNDP

This year UNDP has been laying the groundwork for SDG Integration in order to reach the 2030 targets. UNDP’s new website on Integrated Solutions for Sustainable Development provides solutions regarding integrated actions and provides countries with information to tackle the most pressing development challenges.

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With just over a decade left before the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 deadline, UNDP and our UN partners are working together to help countries tackle complexity more effectively; to achieve big results fast with a focus on the systems that will define development of the future.

As part of the UN Development System, UNDP has put in place four dedicated streams of work to support countries in their efforts to design policy and programmes for the future, access and generate finance, source and analyse data, and drive innovation and learning – expanding elements of SDG 17 on partnerships.

This new website by UNDP offers insights how Asia can beat the plastics pollution, how data technologies can help fight child malnutrition in Honduras, how a combination of technology and policy can make the Aral Sea habitable again, and how reframing depopulation in Serbia beyond the issues of fertility and migration can help identify new solutions and development pathways.

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