New ODI Blog Series on the Coronavirus Outbreak and its Implications for Sustainable Development

ODI's new blog series on the coronavirus outbreak examines the pandemics' impact on the health sector, digital transformation, climate action and many other sectors relevant to sustainable development and the 2030 Agenda.

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Yesterday, on the 22nd of March, we celebrated World Water Day. Access to safe and clean water is of utmost importance to people living in slums and informal settlements and highly relevant to global health. The recommendations given to protect ourselves against COVID-19 such as frequently washing our hands only underscore this point.

The coronavirus outbreak does not only have implications for the health sector however, but on many other sectors highly relevant to sustainable development. Besides looking into how the coronavirus affects healthcare systems, the new “blog series: the coronavirus outbreak” by ODI therefore examines corona’s impact on the economy as well as those living in poverty and how governments are attempting to tackle these issues, be it through social distancing, lockdowns or the provision of additional financial funds.

The series draws on the expertise of a range of experts and reflects on what valuable lessons we can take from the global responses so far to improve governance, digital transformation or climate action in future, among others.

For access to the blog series, please click here.