Repository of COVID-19 Resource Material for Local Governments

This repository contains resources developed for local governments to guide their response efforts to COVID-19. These materials include guidance notes, journal articles, newspaper articles, blogs and webpages based on experiences and lessons learned by local governments throughout the crisis.

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Guides and Recommendations on Financial COVID-19 Responses:



  • Developed by UNCDF, including inputs from David Jackson and Tehmina Akhtar
  • Content: Description of opportunities for local governments to overcome the challenges of raising funds for local emergency responses




  • Developed by the International Centre for Tax and Development (ICTD)
  • Content: Discussion of tax measures that ease cashflows for measures against COVID-19 specifically for African states and local governments, such as money transfers through mobile money, payment deferrals, social protection strategies for the most vulnerable and tax schemes for exploitable resources such as untaxed assets and income of the richest to reduce large sector debts and public deficits


Guides and Recommendations on Socio-Economic Responses:

  • Organized by UCLG, Metropolis, UN-Habitat and the CIB Working Group in cooperation with other partners
  • Content: Role of Local Government Associations (LGAs) for crisis management and societal recovery from the crisis; role of local governments in decision-making processes between the national and local level;


  • Provided by the CIB Working Group
  • Content: Collection of materials provided by members and partners on their COVID-19 response measures


  • Published by the World Economic Forum
  • Content: Use of technology, big data, planning and public communicating for virus containment in China


  • Published by the United Nations
  • Content: Approaches to first emergency service provision (health care provision, basic services, social protection), socio-economic recovery for SMEs and informal workers, macroeconomic responses and the strengthening of social cohesion and community spirit


  • Published by the European Committee of the Regions
  • Content: Declaration on the central role of local political leaders for crisis management; components of the European Health Emergency Mechanism; identification of potential financial sources for the response, planning for future pandemics, the European common roadmap for post-crisis coordination between the regions, sustainable planning for the recovery period to attain smart and resilient municipalities and regions, including a budget analysis


  • Published by the International Crisis Group
  • Content: Analysis of COVID-19’s potential to fuel civil conflicts and international organisations ability to mitigate the conflict and build resilience of the economic system towards external shocks; analysis of the diseases’ potential impact on vulnerable populations, including evidence from Libya, Gaza, Venezuela, Iran, Yemen and Syria; identification of potential mitigation mechanisms to increase the socio-economic and political resilience during and after the crisis


  • Published by the Maintains Programme (UKAID)
  • Content: Summary of scientific resources focussed on the economic, social and political impact of the crisis and entry points for institutional coordination; lessons for response and recovery planning; recommendations on the crisis’ potential for reform and the respective role of the state in this context


  • Published by V-Dem Institute
  • Content: Research on the propensity of governments decreasing democratic standards during the pandemic using the Pandemic Backsliding Index


  • Published by Pathfinders
  • Content: Examination of missing regulations for access to justice and the challenges created by the pandemic aggravating these shortcomings



Guides and Recommendations on Lessons Learned from COVID-19 by Local Governments:


  • Published by the OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities (CFE) in collaboration with the OECD Working Party for Urban Policy and the OECD Champion Mayors Initiative for Inclusive Growth
  • Content: Tailored recommendations for social distancing and confinement, workplace and commuting regulations, economic recovery and business support, local public services, inclusion of vulnerable groups and awareness raising, public communication and digital tools


  • Organized by Metropolis and the Euro-Latin-American Alliance of Cooperation among Cities
  • Content: The Platform lists over 551 initiatives spread across the globe as examples for efficient action against the spread of COVID-19 in urban areas as well as plans, strategies, resources and policies to address the COVID-19 pandemic or other socio-economic emergencies in future


  • Published by The City Fix from Rogier van den Berg, Director of Urban Development at the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities
  • Content: Deals with equal accessibility to public services and secure housing, integration of green and blue spaces in the urban landscape, city-regional relations, cross-sectoral data exploration for best suited policies


  • Published by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability
  • Content: Regularly updated collection of materials suitable for local governments and other stakeholders involved in tackling the virus locally


  • Organized by the Global Resilient Cities Network and the World Bank
  • Content: Collection of inputs on local responses and actions by cities, including presentations and recordings of webinars


  • Published by the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group
  • Content: Articles on response and recovery measures, case studies from cities and their municipal strategies against the pandemic, webinar recordings and peer-to-peer support from other cities, NGOs and institutions


  • Organized by World Enabled
  • Content: Opportunities and capacity building for local governments to include persons with disabilities in policy and recovery planning, accessibility and inclusiveness of cities


  • Published by Cities for Global Health
  • Content: Informational material, containment policies and practice examples concerning municipal crisis management


  • Published by the University of Manchester
  • Content: Regular briefings on recovery measures and innovations for resilient urban planning 


  • Published by High Volume Transport Applied Research
  • Content: Recommendations for policy frameworks on urban mobility in African countries and considerations regarding the individual requirements for local policies and regulations as well as central government solutions for the transport sector


Additional Resources: 

  • Published by GIZ
  • Content: Overview of measures taken by GIZ to address COVID-19 in its countries of assignment
  • Hosted by DeLoG with inputs from UNCDF and UNDP
  • Content: Insights into UNCDF and UNDP's experiences with assisting local governments in responding to the crisis and maintaining core government functions, including concrete project examples from Senegal and Uganda with special focus on inclusion and gender in the COVID-19 response and recovery