SEI Launches SDG Synergies

With their new free online tool on SDG integration the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) aims to contribute to a better linkage of different SDGs, specifically in the field of sustainability. "SDG Synergies" is available in English and Spanish.



To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a profound understanding of the interlinkages between different policy areas is required as ultimately all goals are interrelated in their ambition to achieve sustainable peace and prosperity for all. To counter silo-thinking and disciplinary divides, the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) has developed “SDG Synergies”, a practical tool for comprehending and visualising the interactions between different targets based on systems thinking. Designed by researchers at the Stockholm Environment Institute, SDG synergies can support national and sub-national governments to implement the SDGs in an integrated manner.

Learn more about the tool and check out their homepage here.