Seizing Opportunities for Urban Change: IIED Launches New Episode of Their Podcast

The International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) has launched the third episode of its “Make Change Happen” podcast. This newest episode “Seizing opportunities for urban change” looks at how IIED’s local-to-global urban work developed and at its current priorities.

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The episode features David Satterthwaite, who spearheaded IIED’s work on urban poverty, senior urban researcher Anna Walnycki as well as the podcast host and IIED’s director of communications Liz Carlile. The researchers find that one key issue regarding an inclusive urban agenda is donor’s willingness to channel money where it matters: to the frontlines of urban need. Listen to the guests discuss the innovative nature of urban community groups and why they feel optimistic about the World Urban Forum 2020 to offer opportunities to explore more inclusive, low-carbon sustainable urbanisation.
You can access the podcast via this link.