The European Green Deal is Going Local

The first meeting of the 'Green Deal Going Local' working group points to the localisation of the European Green Deal as a cornerstone to empower and finance cities and regions in building resilience and bouncing back from the COVID-19 crisis. Learn more about their planned work and their main messages here!

© European Committee of the Regions

The European Union is committed to the transition towards a clean, sustainable and carbon-neutral economy. To make sure that the European Green Deal is implemented at the local level, and that cities and regions have the financial and human capacities to ensure an efficient and sustainable implementation of concrete projects, the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) has launched the ‘Green Deal Going Local’ working group composed of 13 local and regional and elected representatives. Founded in June, the working group will meet on a regular basis, prepare recommendations to relevant commissions and contribute to the CoR plenary sessions with the overall goal to place cities and regions at the heart of policies promoting carbon-neutrality.

Get to know the working group in detail and have a look at the press release here.