UCLG Decalogue for the Post-COVID-19 Aftermath

What should the world look like after COVID-19? What lessons have we learned at the subnational level? UCLG's Decalogue provides answers!


Taking the COVID-19 pandemic as a point of reference, UCLG has developed a decalogue for the post COVID-19 era. The 8-page document draws on UCLG’s and its members' experiences and lessons learned from the crisis and outlines what steps need to be taken by local and regional governments to ensure that no one is left behind in future.
Against this backdrop, the document is meant to serve as a political charter for UCLG’s international advocacy to guide its actions both in the immediate aftermath but also beyond the initial post-COVID-19 recovery phase. Among other topics the document places a special emphasis on guaranteeing access to public services, creating financial support packages and fostering democracy and generational equality.

Learn more about how the decalogue was developed on UCLG's own homepage here.

Access the decalogue's content directly here.