UN-Habitat Launches Innovative New Platform to Track Cities’ Readiness and Response to COVID-19

To shed light on cities' COVID-19 responses in the field of public health capacity, societal strength, economic ability, infrastructure and national collaborative will UN-Habitat has developed a new web-based platform. Learn more about the initiave here!

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Accurate data has often been cited as one of the key ingredients for designing strategies to respond effectively to COVID-19 in cities. How are cities prepared and what approaches have worked so far? To answer these questions, UN-Habitat has developed a new platform that uses global metrics to provide often unavailable information from cities around the world:

“It is critical for leaders to be able to identify where their resources can do the greatest good and where the needs are most urgent. We offer this tracker as one of many evidence-based tools that can help local decision-making processes” says Executive Director of UN-Habitat, Mamunah Mohd Sharif.

The web-based platform provides scoring for over 1,000 cities, based on five core indicator areas: public health capacity, societal strength, economic ability, infrastructure, and national collaborative will.

Learn more about the initiative here.