UNCDF's COVID-19 Country Response Blogs

In appreciation of local government's responses to COVID-19 and as a source of inspiration, UNCDF has initiated a daily COVID-19 blog series.


Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis, local governments have been working hard on developing immediate responses to contain the spread of the virus and to guarantee continued access to public services. As first responders involved in citizen engagement, service delivery and the management of public space, they have proven their fundamental value for crisis response and recovery.
To demonstrate appreciation for these measures and provide a source of inspiration, UNCDF has been using local government experiences with COVID-19 from Lao PDR, Bangladesh, Senegal, Somalia, Sweden and Uganda among others, for a daily blog series.
Besides showcasing the diversity of actions and solutions developed by local governments, the series underscores the necessity for financial support of local governments by national stakeholders.

Access these blogs on UNCDF's homepage here.