Urban Agenda for the EU: Final Reports on Urban Circular Collaborative Initiatives

By providing evidence-based resources on small local business practices in the field of Urban Circular Economy, the "Collaborative Economy Knowledge Pack for Cities" supports policy makers in better adressing sustainability challenges in future. The final report, a practical guide as well as case studies for The Hague, Prato, Porto, Maribor and Flanders are now available online.


Cities and regions face numerous challenges linked to sustainability including climate change, economic growth and social exclusion. Circular economy can help to respond to these challenges by reducing and managing the use of resources effectively, contributing to business innovation and reducing emissions. Aimed at creating a common understanding of the Urban and Circular Collaborative Economy across European territories, this ESPON Targeted Analysis provides policy makers with evidence of the impacts of Urban Circular Collaborative Economy initiatives focusing on six different territories. In doing so, the report goes beyond large collaborative economy platforms (e.g. Uber, Airbnb) to draw attention to the success of smaller local initiatives.


Find the case studies, final report and practical guide here.