VVSG Concludes Three Pilot Projects on Localising the SDGs: Approaches and Lessons Learned Now Published

Covering the past two years, this pilot project comprehensively summarises the progress made by local governments in Flanders regarding SDG implementation. Become inspired by their initiatives here!


VVSG represents all 300 of Flanders (Belgium) local governments and has been involved in localising the SDGs since the signing of the 2030 Agenda. From 2017 - 2019 the organisation conducted three pilot projects in cooperation with 20 local governments on localising the SDGs. The insights from these projects, including lessons learned and recommendations for other Local Governments, have been summarised in a report now available to the public. The report highlights how the pilot municipalities succeeded in creating a larger support base for the 2030 Agenda within their municipalities and how they incorporated the SDGs at the structural level. Moreover, it pinpoints various tools and outlines recommendations for Flemish municipalities to address SDG localisation. 

Find the report here.