Webinar Series: Urban-Rural Linkages

When: 04 May 2020 - ongoing (Recordings available)

Where: Online

Apply by: Registration open


In light of COVID-19 pandemic, the UN-Habitat Urban-Rural Linkages project aims to exchange information and learn from the efforts of different actors to overcome this crisis and enhance post-crisis recovery actions by bringing a focus to urban-rural linkages and integrated territorial approaches. With this goal in mind the UN-Habitat Urban-Rural Linkages project invites you to join them in a series of URL webinars on URL-entry points and various related topics, where local government officials, experts from international organizations and research institutes and other URL stakeholders are invited to put the Guiding Principles and Framework of Action in contexts and discuss the latest issues in the development of the urban-rural synergy.

To learn more about the series or to access the recordings for past webinars from the series, please visit the Urban Rural-Linkages Projects' homepage here.


Upcoming Webinars:

Past Webinars:

Urban-Rural Linkages in the time of Covid-19: Small Towns and Intermediate Cities

Urban-Rural Linkages in the time of Covid-19: Metropolitan Perspectives

Urban-Rural Linkages in the Time of Covid-19