Welcome to Equiterra Where Gender Equality is Real

The Agenda 2030 considers Gender Equality as a cornstone for sustainable development. The importance of women's rights has been recognized a lot longer than that however. Ever since the early nineteen hundreds the 8th of March has been celebrated as International Women’s Day. To honor the occasion UN Women has conducted a thought experiment focused on gender equality. The result is Equiterra.

© UN Women 2020

UN Women’s article ‘Welcome to Equiterra, where gender equality is real’ outlines a fictitious society characterized by absolute gender equality. The article takes its reader on a tour of the countries capital and makes stops at several different streets such as ‘Unstereotype Avenue’, ‘Violence-free Alley’ or ‘Equal Pay Street’. Each stop is used to highlight a distinct gender issue and contrasts what gender equality would look like if it was achieved in this area and what reality we actually live in.

Overall nine different aspects are considered: Diversity, Violence, Pay, Gendered Stereotypes, Inclusion, Climate Change, Representation, Education and Freedom. For each aspect relevant data is cited to underscore the negative impacts of gender inequality. The article concludes with a call to action to join the #GenerationEquality.

The full article can be accessed here.