For Localising the SDGs, UCLG GOLD Proposes Boosting Monitoring & Reporting

UCLG’s Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments publishes its 5th report to the 2021 HLPF on strategies to better recover and localise the SDGs.

UCLG Global Observatory on Local Democracy and Decentralization (GOLD) intensively works on supporting the localisation of the SDGs, the 2030 Agenda and other global agendas. It coordinates and guides the process of Voluntary Subnational Reviews and Voluntary Local Reviews as global platform.

On behalf of the Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments, UCLG GOLD facilitated and presented the report on progress in localisation at the High-Level Political Forum 2021. In the report, GOLD puts an accent on the processes of monitoring and reporting by subnational and local governments. The fifth report on SDGs localisation goes through several processes, including a proposed methodology and policy to enable an environment for localisation. It also reports on local and regional governments' contributions to facing the COVID-19 pandemic and building recovery as well as analysing the financing and monitoring of localisation. The report focuses particularly on the 43 countries presenting Voluntary National Reviews in 2021.

To access the report, please click here.