Course: Multilevel Water Governance (Blended Training)

When: 28 September - 23 November 2020

Where: The Hague, The Netherlands / Online

Apply by: 11 September 2020

Water provision and governance of water involve complex systems and the coordination of different stakeholders at all levels government. Adding to the challenge are the political and institutional contexts of the country. In many contexts, reforms for effective water management are hampered by an unclear allocation of roles and responsibilities, territorial fragmentation and limited capacity at the local level.

Leading international experts and practitioners will provide unique insights into international best practices and water governance tools. Participants will learn to actively apply the five building blocks required for sound water governance:

  1. Powerful administrative organisation
  2. Legally embedded system
  3. Adequate financing system and economic analyses of water services
  4. Systematic planning approach
  5. Participation of stakeholders

In addition, understanding the theoretical concepts and international cases, participants will visit several Dutch examples of water projects. These field visits will focus on private-public cooperation and the approach of Integrated Water Resource Management. You will also learn first-hand about how to deal with high-water levels, manage dikes, increase flood safety, and address environmental concerns.

Online module: This module will consist of several assignments spread throughout the timeframe provided. This is an opportunity to learn about the topic (while enhancing your online skills in an innovative e-learning environment) and prepare you for the next part of the course.
Dates: 28 September to 6 November.

Face-to-Face course: Participants will spend eight days in The Netherlands, focusing on study visits, expert presentations and the exchange of experiences with other participants. The Hague Academy intends to offer this part of the training in 2020, but if this proves not to be possible, it will be postponed to 2021 at the earliest possibility.
Dates: 16 to 23 November.

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