Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 crisis, local and national governments need to collaborate to recover effectively and continue progress on the 2030 Agenda and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Cities and regions have a crucial role to play in SDG achievement. The OECD estimates that at least 105 of the 169 SDGs targets will not be reached without proper engagement and coordination with local and regional governments.

This event provides opportunities to bridge perspectives from the voluntary national reviews, which form the backbone of the HLPF, with evidence from cities and regions. It will provide an opportunity for senior officials from central and local government to share experiences. Relevant evidence on SDG implementation at the sub-national level will also presented from the OECD’s initiative on a Territorial Approach to the SDGs which brings together nine pilot cities and regions.

The event is hosted by the Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nations and the OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities.

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