Webinar: Covid-19 in African Cities

When: 16 June 2020

Where: Online

Apply by: Registration open

Covid-19 is crippling the global economy and upending people's lives thereby threatening sustainable development across all its dimensions. Africa is also facing the dire consequences of the crisis, necessitating timely response recovery and rebuilding policies and strategies. This Webinar hosted by UN-Habitat in collaboration with UNECA, UNCDF, UCLG Africa, AfDB and Shelter Afrique will present and discuss a virtual launch of the report ,,Covid-19 in African Cities: Impacts, Responses and Policies''.

Cities and urban areas beeing at the forefront of the pandemic and this report tries to analyse the current situation within the African continent. To promptly and effectively address the challenges of Covid-19 pandemic in Africa at the urban scale, the report is proposing responses for short, medium- and long-term interventions to be led by national and local governments with the support if International Regional Development Institutions.

To join this discussion on how national and local governments can promptly and effectively address the challenges of Covid-19, please register at: omoayena@un.org; claude.ngomsi@un.org