Webinar Series: Coronavirus Speaker Series - Sharing Knowledge to Respond with Resilience

When: different dates

Where: Online

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"Coronavirus Speaker Series: Sharing Knowledge to Respond with Resilience" is a weekly session organized by the Global Resilient Cities Network and the World Bank as a knowledge sharing session for cities in response to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation.

Some exemplary sessions include:

“Singapore: Strategies, Successes and Struggles”

“Responding to COVID-19 as a City of Good”

“Informal Settlements and COVID-19”

“COVID-19 Response and Communities as part of the Solution”

“Leveraging Philantropy and Building Community Resilience through the EOC (Emergency Operations Center)”

“Holistic Resilience”

“Rapid Response in Buenos Aires”

All webinar recordings are available here. The list of uploaded recordings is updated on a continuous basis.