Webinar Series: Planning a Sustainable City: Strategies and Tools - CMCC Series on Urban Adaptation

When: 28.05.2020, 12:30 pm - 01:30 pm CEST

Where: Online

Apply by: Registration open

This webinar on “Planning a sustainable city: strategies and tools” is the first appointment of the CMCC webinar series on urban adaptation: the speakers will introduce the topic of sustainability in cities focussing on the possible strategies that can be adopted both in the public and private sector in order to reduce the impacts of climate change on the metropolitan areas.

Piero Pelizzaro, Chief Resilience Officer of the Municipality of Milan
Anne Jensen, Senior Researcher at Aarhus University

Margaretha Breil, CMCC Foundation - ECIP Division

The seminar will be broadcasted via Go-to-Webinar.

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Background on the Series
Cities around the world are already suffering different impacts deriving from climate change. Some of them include flood damage, extreme heat issues, droughts. Moreover, the indirect related effects can deeply affect many other sectors, cities or regions.

CMCC decided to create a series of virtual encounters in which outstanding experts from various professional fields provide different experiences and perspectives on urban adaptation to climate change. The aim is to provide a thorough insight on the issue by bringing together experts with different professional profiles and skills. Topics covered will include tools for strategic planning of sustainable cities, participatory policy development processes, nature-based solutions for resilient cities, along with the social aspects of urban adaptation and many more.

For further information, please visit the webinar web page or contact: info@cmcc.it