Webinar Series: Urban Equity and Access in Times of Pandemic

When: 15 April - 20 May 2020 (Recordings available)

Where: Online

Apply by: Registration open

World Enabled is currently hosting an action-oriented webinar series called “Equity and Access in times of Pandemic” with its partner Cities for All. The series features expert speakers from affected areas and highlights global responses to protect older persons with disabilities from the Covid19 pandemic.

Key questions addressed by the webinar series include:

  1. What actions are local governments taking to protect and respond to the needs of persons with disabilities and older persons during the pandemic?
  2. How are local governments engaging with persons with disabilities and older persons to ensure that all pandemic responses are disability-inclusive?
  3. What does an inclusive and accessible COVID-19 response look like at the local level?

Upcoming Webinars:

20 May 2020 Webinar 9: Review lessons learned and actual responses to Pandemic

Past Webinars:

25 March 2020 Webinar 1: Why Cities Matter? Challenges and opportunities of COVID-19 Pandemic

1 April 2020 Webinar 2: Urban Access and Non-Discrimination in times of Pandemic

8 April 2020 Webinar 3: Resilience and Recovery Planning: Scaling Inclusive Urban Policies and Programs

15 April 2020 Webinar 4: Valuing Lives: Combating Myths and Threats to Older Persons and Persons with Disabilities in Local Level Responses (Asia Focus)

22 April 2020 Webinar 5:  Measuring Access, Equity and Resilience: Scaling Partnerships for Disability Inclusive Open Data Initiatives

29 April 2020 Webinar 6: Accessible Online Platforms for Capacity Building and Training with C4A Signatory Cities

6 May 2020 Webinar 7: Technology and other emerging trends for inclusive urban resilience

13 May 2020 Webinar 8: ¿Por qué las ciudades importan? Desafíos y oportunidades para respuestas inclusivas y accesibles durante la Pandemia Covid-19 en LATAM (Webinar En Español) Why Cities Matter? Challenges and opportunities of Covid-19 Pandemic in LATAM (In spanish)

To register for the upcoming webinars or access the recording of past webinars, please click here.