Search Hints

The following parameters can be used for the full text search:

"": Search for phrases

Search for phrases: The words are searched for in quotation marks. The result must contain exactly the searched phrase.
i.e.: "local governance"

Conjunction: The result must contain the word

+: AND operator. Both words or phrases have to be part of the search results.
Example: "local governance" +economy
Results: All results include "local governance" AS WELL AS "economy" .

Exclusion: The result must not contain the word

-: NOT operator. A word must not be included in the results.
Example: "local governance" -economy
Results: All results contain "right to participation" but NOT "economy"

Partial word search

*: Partial word search.
Example: "local governance" +econom*

results will contain the phrase "right to participation" as well as the partial word "econom" e.g.

"local governance" economy

"local governance" economic

"local governance" economies

More than one search word¶

If you type in more than one searchword, all the words will be linked with “OR”.
One of the words or phrases has to be part of the search results.

OR operator. - no additional character necessary. - The results have to contain only one of the words resp. phrases.
Example: "local governance" media

Results: All results contain "local governance" or "economy".

Results that contain all of the searched words will be ranked higher and appear first in the results.

Search words under length of 4 characters are not processed.

Example: Decentralisation and Local Development

Decentralisation Local Development

The search results for both of these will have the same results as and will be ignored without quotation marks signalling a search for phrases.