Local Action For and By the People: UCLG World Congress – World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders

14th DeLoG Annual Meeting 2019

'Learning and getting food for advocacy (on DLG)’
– Rolf Swart, VNG International

Joint Workshop in Cambodia

'Enhancing the Capacity of Local Governments in Localising the Sustainable Development Goals'

Joint Learning Event in Brussels

'Local Governance and Sustaining Peace in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Settings'



In 1995, at the Fourth World Conference on Women the global community agreed that advancing women’s rights is of utmost importance. Subsequently, they adopted the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. 25 years later working towards gender…

Preeta Lall is currently the Executive Director of the Local Governance Initiative and Network (LOGIN).

This year UNDP has been laying the groundwork for SDG Integration in order to reach the 2030 targets. UNDP’s new website on Integrated Solutions for Sustainable Development provides solutions regarding integrated actions and provides countries with…