PARIS21: Going local to leave no one behind - The role of sub-national data

When: March 22

Where: Basel & online

Apply by: March 10

This one-day event hosted by PARIS21, the Swiss Federal Statistical Office’s Unlocking the Power of Data Initiative and the Canton of Basel-Stadt will bring countries, international organisations, companies and civil society together to explore the promise and pitfalls of local and sub-national data in developing country context.

Please note that a vegetarian lunch will be provided for all registered in-person guests. Participants are also invited to a cocktail reception hosted by the Canton of Basel-Stadt immediately following the event.

Those who are joining in person will also have an opportunity to attend an exciting public event at the University of Basel on 21 March. Local Government Data in Research will invite researchers to present their data-based research and discuss the availability and usability of local data. For Bern Network members, a closed meeting will also be held on that date.

To join for the in-person event in Basel or to watch the sessions online, please register now. Viewing links will be shared with all registered participants.

See the full agenda here.

Click here to register.