Climate Adaptation and Local Resilience

When: 11 – 22 November 2019

Where: The Hague, Netherlands

Apply by: 29 September 2019

This two-week intensive training course – by The Hague Academy for Local Governance –will discuss how cities and local communities can adapt to the effects of climate change and increase their climate resilience. It will focus on integrated approaches for climate management and on vulnerability assessment as key factors in designing effective resilience strategies.

Moreover, the course will explore the position of climate change in the planning of sustainable development policies, and we will identify instruments for financing climate adaptation. Attention will be paid as well to the importance of smart cities and new technologies in dealing with climate change. In addition, the course will address change management and how to overcome obstacles during the implementation of climate policies and projects.

In interactive sessions, best practices from different parts of the world will be discussed and linked to the context of the participants. Inspiring examples will be visited in the Netherlands, such as a sustainable neighbourhood, green buildings, urban farming, and projects to adapt to floods and rising sea levels.

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