Webinar: Local Governance Indicators - The Global State of Knowledge

LPSA, the World Bank and DeLoG will host a webinar on the subnational dimension of public sector governance. Leading researchers will present their work, followed by a discussion on how governance indicators and policy debates are connected.

The Local Public Sector Alliance (LPSA) – in collaboration with DeLoG, the Forum of Federations, the World Bank and other global partners— will host an online webinar discussion on ‘Local Governance Indicators: The Global State of Knowledge’. The event on 12th October 2022 is part of LPSA’s global webinar series on ‘Elevating the Decentralization Debate’, which aims to bring together practitioners and scholars on issues related to multilevel governance, decentralization, and localised development. During the webinar, Kelly McMann (Case Western Reserve University; USA) Paolo Dardanelli (University of Kent; UK) as well as Andreas Ladner and Alexander Bastianen (University of Lausanne) will present their work on the subnational dimension of public sector governance. The follow-up discussion will focus on the question how these indicators can inform real-world policy debates.  

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