Course: Integrity and Anti-Corruption (Blended Training)

When: 31 August- 26 October 2020

Where: The Hague, The Netherlands / Online

Apply by: 14 August 2020

From 31 August to 26 October 2020, The Hague Academy will convene participants again for one of its most popular and highly-relevant courses. This blended course will help you to understand the drivers of corruption. You will strengthen your analytical skills and learn about the instruments necessary to develop integrity and anti-corruption policies and programmes in line with recent international initiatives, legislation and agreements.

Online module: This module will consist of several assignments spread throughout the timeframe provided. This is an opportunity to learn about the topic (while enhancing your online skills in an innovative e-learning environment) and prepare you for the next part of the course.
Dates: 31 August to 9 October.

Face-to-Face course: Participants will spend eight days in The Netherlands, focusing on study visits, expert presentations and the exchange of experiences with other participants. The Hague Academy intends to offer this part of the training in 2020, but if this proves not to be possible, it will be postponed to 2021 at the earliest possibility.
Dates: 19 to 26 October.

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