Online Course: Inclusive Local Economic Development

When: 13 April – 22 May 2020

Where: Online

Apply by: 6 April 2020


This six-week, practice-oriented, and expert-led online course will explore strategies and tools for local authorities to promote sustainable and inclusive economic growth. It will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to assess their local economic environment and – in an inclusive manner – design an effective local economic development strategy.

E-learning methodology

Unlike most e-courses, this hands-on, interactive course will apply problem–based and collaborative learning methods. Participants will have plenty of space to interact with both each other and with the instructor and will work together to solve practical assignments.

Learning Objectives

This course will help you:

  • Assess the economic and political context for regional development;
  • Identify challenges and opportunities for strengthening the local economy and job creation together with stakeholders at the local, regional and national level;
  • Develop approaches to strategic and inclusive local economic planning;
  • Become acquainted with practical tools for supporting the local economy.

After this course, you will receive a professional certificate of completion from The Hague Academy for Local Governance.

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