Webinar: Research as a Vessel for Equitable Economic Policy

When: 15 May 2020

Where: Online

Apply by: Application online

Even before the COVID-19 crisis hammered home the vast economic and social differences affecting urban populations around the world, it was clear that inequality would be one of the biggest challenges facing global cities in the 21st century. There are few facets of urban life that are not affected by one’s access to public services and resources.

The interfaces between research and policy making needed for equitable economic growth (EEG) exist as complex webs of relations connecting stakeholders and actors who translate their knowledge into specific policies and practices at all scales. We ask the questions:

What do these interfaces actually look like, and what roles do researchers have in them?

Are these interactions further shaped by the regional context in which they take place?

To what extent do external dynamics and/or interest-driven actions influence the mechanisms connecting research and policy making for EEG?

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