DeLog Events

After two weeks of reflection and exchange, the DeLoG Annual Meeting 2021 closed on 23 September 2021. DeLoG looks back on the opening event that kicked off the exchange and mutual learning formats.

To discuss the issue of conflict and whether decentralisation is a means to reduce conflicts, the UNDP, the Local Public Sector Alliance (LPSA) and DeLoG jointly organised a webinar on 14 December 2021, at 01:00 pm CET.

On April 26th members and partners joined online for the event: DeLoG in DiaLoGue - Reloading conversations on decentralised cooperation (DDC). DeLoG in DiaLoGue aims to facilitate dialogue on DLG issues among DeLoG Members and Partners. During the…

For the second session of our DeLoG in DiaLoGue series, we invited Jelena Janevska, Program Director of NALAS, to speak on their effort to promote women in local governments.

LPSA and DeLoG are strengthening their cooperation to foster knowledge exchange as well as to deepen the understanding of how decentralization reforms impact people’s life.

DeLoG will launch the Knowledge and Dialogue Days, starting on the 28th November 2022 to showcase and discuss how decentralisation and local governance can strengthen inclusive and transformative development processes at the local level.

End of November and beginning of December DeLoG Members gathered virtually for the first edition of the DeLoG Knowledge and Dialogue Days 2022. 18 members organised, facilitated and discussed during 15 sessions on how to strengthen inclusive local…